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ENCEE – Temporary Power Experts

ENCEE are fully equipped to provide for all your temporary power requirements.

From single phase domestic building site power, to large three phase industrial temporary power needs. We have a wide range of hire equipment and Encee can deliver and commission to any site in the greater Perth area.

We can also complete the meter transfer from the temporary pole to house and complete the house connection.

Contact ENCEE Electrical NOW for your Temporary Power Installation.

Temporary Power & Connection Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for me to have power connected to an installation?

Underground poles are connected as soon as they are installed. Overhead poles can take 5-10 working days for Western Power to connect.


How do I set up a supply account with Synergy?

All poles require a Synergy reference number which must be obtained directly by the customer. This is done by contacting Synergy on 1800 334 256. Please forward the reference number to Encee Electrical via email admin@encee.com.au
Please advise Synergy that you require permanent connection if you wish to have the meter transferred to the house at a later date. (P30015*****)
If you only require a temporary connection, please ask for a temporary account (T30015*****).
Customers must also call Synergy to arrange the disconnection an overhead supply.
Western Power connection fee of $555.00 and disconnect fee of $325.00 applies for overhead poles. And additional fee of $50.00 will be charged by Encee Electrical Hire for Western Power appointments.


What do I do after I have my Synergy reference number?

This number must be forwarded onto Encee Electrical to allow us to complete our sections of the Western Power connection. The easiest way is by email, admin@encee.com.au


Do I need to set up a Synergy account for a residential underground pole?

No you do not as this is incorporated into the hire costs. You will be on charged for power usage during the hire period. The meter will remain with the temporary pole upon completion.


Do I need overhead or underground?

If you have a Western Power green dome on your property or on the boundary of the adjoining property you will need an underground pole. If you have overhead lines (4 lines) and no green dome you will need overhead.


Do I need commercial or domestic?

If you are building a house or up to 3 domestic units it will be classified domestic. All others will be commercial.


At what point can I change from the temp pole to final house connection?

Meter transfer from temp pole to house and house connection $250.00
(Permanent Synergy account required when installing temp pole)
For house connections the main switchboard must be complete with meter panel, main switch, RCDMCB and DIN mount GPO. House circuits CANNOT be connected
(Incomplete or sub-standard installations will be charged $125.00 call out fee, extra charges will apply for repairs we have to perform to the installation)

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Temporary Power

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